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Excursion for accompanying persons

The presented tour is included in accompanying person fee. Registration will be made at the registration desk.

Excursion A1: Poznań – sightseeing main historical places

Poznań, Town Hall

A walk tour, with bus transport. Date: 2.09.2008 or 3.09.2008, a half-day trip.

Poznań is one of the richest cities in historical monuments in Poland, both in terms of their value and number. The most valuable ones are concentrated in three areas The Cathedral Island, the Old Town and the Centre. In addition, Poznań belongs to the select group of cities that boast examples of all architectural periods - from the Romanesque, to the eclectic, to the modernist. The Old Market Square and its surroundings are among the most interesting places to see in Poznań. The Renaissance town hall, old houses, charming side streets, numerous museums, monuments, cafes and people walking about - all of them create the unique atmosphere of the place. The Cathedral Island was one of the first major centres of the Piast - dynasty state. This is where the first Polish bishopric was established in 968. Built in the same year, the Cathedral was repeatedly damaged by natural and building disasters and wars. Now it is a three-aisle Gothic basilica with pre-Romanesque and Romanesque relics, surrounded by a semicircle of chapels. The Poznań Palm House has amassed huge collections of plants, thus becoming one of the biggest institutions of this kind in Europe.

Poznań, postcard