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Public Transport in Poznań

City trams and buses

MPK is the main public transport operator in Poznań.

In principle, you will find route timetables at each tram and bus stop. You may also find route maps and city transport maps inside the vehicles. The so-called daytime timetable stretches roughly till 11 pm.


Taxis are easy to get and they are not expensive. Several radio taxi companies operate in the city. They are identified by their phone numbers, which are displayed on the car’s roof. Some recommended phones are: 9622; 9664 and 9629 (you ought to precede each of them by +48 61).

When in hotel, its reception desk will help you to book a taxi.

Please, avoid loose or independent taxi drivers (no company phone number or some 7­ or 9-digit numbers on display), who can charge you well above the norm.

In case you take a taxi from a street, you do not have to enter the first car in the queue.

Please, note that different taxi companies have different fares. On Sunday the price is higher by 50% (fare type2).

How to get to the center of Poznań (hotels)

From airport Ławica

You can order taxi at Centrum Informacji Miejskiej (CIM) or at Informacja (price aprox. 30 PLN from Ławica to the center of Poznań).

Also you can go by bus 59 or express bus L to the center (vicinity of “Sheraton” and “Mercure” hotels). Please, ask about bus tickets at Ławica airport.

From the railway station

Inside the railway station there are places (kiosks), which display the sign: "Tu możesz zamówić radio taxi" (eng. "Here you can order a radio taxi"). Use this service.

Be aware that in front of the railway station some non-associated taxi drivers wait for the passengers (higher prices).

Interactive map

We advise you to use interactive map with hotels location.

Your way to the Conference EPE-PEMC 2008

How to get to the Conference venue?

The conference will be held in Poznań International Fair Congress Center. The Congress Center is located in the area of Poznań International Fair (Polish acronym MTP – “Międzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie”). Official address - Głogowska St. 14. You can go there in several different ways:

Please ask at the reception desk in your hotel which tram can take you to the Congress Center.

The Congress Center is in a walking distance form hotels Sheraton (10 minutes), Mercure (15 minutes) and Novotel Centrum (20 minutes). If you decided to walk use the East (Main) Entrance

We advise you once more to use interactive map with Congress Center and hotels location.

Entrances to the Congress Center at Poznań International Fair (MTP)

Poznań International Fair is a restricted access area.

EPE-PEMC 2008 participants are entitled to enter this area using one of the three following entrances:

On the first entry to conference, please show to the guard logo and name of conference taken from our internet site in form of plaque.

You can also enter the area by car using the West entrance. You will find enough parking space in front of the pavilion 15.