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H.Cegielski - Poznań S.A.

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The mission of H. Cegielski - Poznań S.A is fulfilling the Customers' needs by delivering modern, reliable products such as high-pressure two-stroke engines applied in the drives of the ships, as well as radial air blowers, piston and impeller type compressors in the power stations and spare parts for all of the mentioned products.

Kompania Piwowarska S.A.

Kompania Piwowarska S.A. logo

Kompania Piwowarska SA is a leader on the Polish beer market. Several hundred years of experience in brewing, adherence to strict international standards and advanced technologies assure top quality of our refined beers. Kompania Piwowarska's brands include beers most popular with Polish consumers: TYSKIE, the largest beer brand in Poland, LECH, Dębowe Mocne, Żubr, Miller Genuine Draft, Pilsner Urquell, REDD's and Dog in the Fog. Kompania Piwowarska is part of SABMiller plc - one of the world's largest brewers with brewing interests or distribution agreements in over 60 countries across five continents.