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Final manuscript preparation

Check list for Final manuscript

Please study carefully instructions on Creating PDFs before you proceed. It is assumed that you are familiar with creating PDFs compatible with IEEE PDF eXpress

We would like to pay your attention that final manuscript uploading is open only after receiving your conference registration fee. You can check the status of your payment in User Account. If the status is "Accepted and paid ", it indicates that we received your payment. Please be patient in case of wire transfer - due to various bank procedures it may take even more than 2 weeks. Sorry for your inconvenience!

  1. Use DOC or LaTeX document style templates provided by conference organizers: A list of suggested keywords can be downloaded here PDF or here doc.
    Final manuscript style is illustrated here.
  2. Create your manuscript(s). Reviewers' comments are visible in your User Account.
  3. File format is PDF (only this format is allowed).
  4. Your PDF file is within 1 MB size limit. If you face difficulties in meeting this requirement, please revise your graphics. High resolution graphics can be resampled down to a reasonable resolution of eg. 200dpi.
  5. Your document is in A4 format (210 x 297 mm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches) and 8 pages long (8 pages are included in regular fee but extension till max 10 pages is possible after additional payment of 140 PLN per extra page).
  6. Your paper is NOT page numbered. NO footnotes. NO headers.
  7. All graphics have sufficient resolution and are legible on-screen.
  8. Your PDF is IEEE Xplore compliant. Key features can be checked using eg. Adobe Acrobat Reader: File -> Document Properties [or Ctrl+D]:
    • All fonts have to embedded and subsetted,
    • NO type 3 fonts allowed,
    • Paper size is 8.27 x 11.69 inches (210 x 297 mm),
    • Compatible to PDF 1.3 format (ie. it can be opened by Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later),
    • NO file security or password protection is set on the PDF.
  9. Use IEEE PDF eXpress to certify your manuscript:
    • Proofread and check layout of manuscript (it is highly recommended that you do this BEFORE going to IEEE PDF eXpress),
    • Create IEEE PDF eXpress account (hereinafter "How to use IEEE PDF eXpress"),
    • Upload PDF(s) for Checking or upload source file(s) for Conversion. Note that you can use this service to attain PDF(s) from source file(s).
    Note for LaTeX users: Make sure to eliminate Type 3 fonts (bit-mapped fonts) from your document BEFORE submission.
  10. Submit final, IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s) according to the EPE-PEMC 2008 Conference paper submission guidelines. Login to your user account, go "Your Submissions" and upload final manuscript(s). The deadline is May 25, 2008.

VERY IMPORTANT: PDF eXpress service is NOT a paper collection system. You MUST upload certified PDF(s) to EPE-PEMC 2008 Conference paper collection system on User Account.

VERY IMPORTANT: Only certified PDFs accompanied by Copyright Form and paid registration will be published in the EPE-PEMC 2008 Conference Proceedings!

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to guide you smoothly through final manuscript preparation process.

IEEE PDF eXpress

EPE-PEMC 2008 has registered for use of a IEEE tool: IEEE PDF eXpress

IEEE PDF eXpress All conference articles submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore must adhere to the IEEE Xplore PDF specification for compatibility. IEEE PDF eXpress is a free service to IEEE conferences, allowing their authors to make IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs (Conversion function) or to check PDFs that authors have made themselves for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF Check function).

Dates for EPE-PEMC 2008 Conference:
Site opens: 1 April 2008
Site closes: 25 June 2008

IEEE PDF eXpress converts the following file types to PDF:

* For documents created in formats that do not embed source files, include all support files with the final manuscript in a folder. Put this folder in a compressed archive for submission. If it is possible to embed images in the source document, you should do so to avoid potential issues, such as missing graphics.

IMPORTANT: A DVI (DeVice Independent file) is required for (La)TeX conversions, in addition to all associated image files. Make sure that your TeX system can output a DVI, otherwise it cannot be converted. Be sure also to check that your images are properly referenced, and that DVI can handle the image file types used (DVI does not handle some newer image types, such as *.png).

How to use IEEE PDF eXpress

Access the IEEE PDF eXpress site here.

Conference ID (necessary to access the site): epepemc08

First-time users Previous users, but using it the first time for a new conference Returning users
  1. Click "New Users - Click Here".
  2. Enter epepemc08 for the Conference ID, your email address, and choose a new password. Continue to enter information as prompted.
  3. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup.
  1. Enter epepemc08 for the Conference ID, your email address, and enter the password you used for your old account.
  2. When you click "Login", you'll receive an error saying you need to set up an account. Simply click "Continue". By entering your previously used email address and password combination, you will enable your old account for access to this new conference.
  3. Check that the contact information is still valid, and click "Submit".
  4. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup.
  1. Enter epepemc08 for the Conference ID, email address and password.
If the PDF submitted fails the PDF check If you are not satisfied with the IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF If the PDF submitted passed the PDF Check, or you are satisfied with your IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF
  1. Submit your source file for conversion by clicking Try again, then Submit Source Files for Conversion.
  2. Read the PDF Check report, then click "The PDF Check Report" in the sidebar to get information on possible solutions.
  3. "Request Technical Help" through your account.
  1. Resubmit your source file with corrections (Try again, then Submit Source Files for Conversion).
  2. Submit a PDF by clicking Try again, then Submit PDF for Checking.
  3. "Request a Manual Conversion" through your account.
  1. Submit your IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s) according to the conference paper submission guidelines.

PDF creation/IEEE Xplore compliance-compatibility/IEEE PDF eXpress general questions:
Phone: +1 732 465 5888; 8:30am - 5:30 pm UTC/GMT -5 hours, Monday thru Friday
IEEE PDF eXpress site issues/Webmaster: