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General information

Contributions to EPE-PEMC'2008

Contributions to EPE-PEMC'2008 will be presented either as a lecture or as a dialogue form. A manuscript in both cases must be submitted in English for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings (CD-ROM). Number of papers for lecture sessions will be limited to these, which can find wide audience appeal and have potential stimulation of broad ranging discussion.

Dialogue sessions will take place in the afternoon. During this time no lecture session will be organised. Final acceptance of contributions will be based on the full paper.

All accepted papers will be included in IEEEXplore and registered in Engineering Index.

The number of best papers submitted and presented during conference will be recommended to publish in following high quality scientific journals:

  1. COMPEL - The international journal for computation and mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering (40),
  2. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (50),
  3. EPE Journal,
  4. Electrical Review (one of the oldest Polish scientific journals edited since 1919, indexed by Thomson Scientific Web of Science Philadelphia ) (40).

Selection of the best papers will be brought about by International Steering Committee on the base of reviewers' evaluation and additional opinion of session chairmen. These selected papers should be rewritten by authors into a form of extension paper, according to editorial rules of journal. The extended papers will be subject to additional reviewing process supervised by journal editors.

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