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  1. Lecture Session
  2. Dialogue Session

Lecture Session - oral presentation of the papers

Digital-projector and personal computer are available in the conference rooms (for over-heads transparency projector, if necessary, you must contact EPE-PEMC Secretariat). Speakers should download their presentation file in advance at Slide Room with help of technical staff. We strongly advise speakers to use computers installed in the conference rooms. The computers will have installed system Windows XP with Windows Media Player 11, Power Point 2003 and Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. Only in extraordinary situation speakers can use their own laptop (mobile computer). All presentation files will be deleted at the end of the conference and no copy will be saved.

The time scheduled for each presentation is about 15 min, in special session 15 – 20 min. Obviously, questions to the authors are welcome: they can be allowed at the end of each presentation or at the end of the session, according to the decision of the chairman.

Speakers, who did not fulfill yet a "Short CV of presenting author" during registration or final upload of manuscript, are kindly asked to download the form "EPE-PEMC 2008 – PRESENTER's BIOGRAPHY NOTES", complete it and send by e-mail to Secretariat. In the last resort the fulfilled "EPE-PEMC 2008 – PRESENTER's BIOGRAPHY NOTES" can be delivered to the Conference Desk in day of arrival. The data of this form are useful to the chairman in order to correctly introduce the speaker of the paper.

On the day of their presentation, speakers are also invited to contact their session chairman 15 minutes before the beginning of the session.

Both – chairmen and speakers are requested to respect scheduled times.

Dialogue Session – poster presentation of the papers

Although your uploaded paper will be included in the Conference Proceedings, the dialogue session is your great opportunity to present your work directly to other participants and to discuss it with them.

Try to attract the visitors to your stand. Unless they come to it, you cannot expect to have a discussion with them. The display should therefore be visually attracting and should contain the essence of your paper in a form, which is easy to understand.

The poster consists of 2 parts of maximum A0 format (84 cm x 120 cm), which should be vertically oriented (see the Figure 1 below). For preparing your Poster presentation, you can download Microsoft PowerPoint Template or Corel Draw Template (version 9). If you do not use template we advise to download a poster heading with conference name. The local organizers have prepared for each dialogue presentation a booth with two panels (part 1 and part 2) (see Figure 1). The booth will have only your paper number on it until you provide your presentation material. Therefore please keep in mind your paper number. The title of the presentation must be the same title as your published paper (with authors and affiliation).

Poster draft
Figure 1

Presentation of your booth is important. You are recommended to take as much care with it as you did in preparing your written paper. Keep in mind that it is not the aim to present EVERYTHING in the poster but an overview of the work that will draw the attention of the visitor so as to induce him to further discuss the content and to read the whole article! Use color to emphasize important features (colour photographs are particularly attractive in a display).

The dialogue sessions will take place in the Poster Hall (near Congress Hall).

At least one author per paper must be present during the dialogue session (120 min). Posters have to be placed in the morning (till 10.00) of the day of session and removed in 60 min. after the session.