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Current list of tutorials

  1. R. Kennel and M.P. Kazmierkowski:
    Predictive Control in Power Electronics and Drives
    [description in PDF PDF]
  2. M. Gwozdz and Z.Krzeminski:
    Newest SHARCs and rapidly prototyped high precision drives
    [description in PDF PDF]

Both tutorials start on Sunday, August 31, at 10:00 am. It is still possible to declare participation in either; please send e-mail to the Tutorial Chair ( or Conference Secretariat ( We are waiting for declaration till Monday, August 25.

Participants will pay reduced tutorial fee 150 PLN (~45 EUR) at place, by cash.
Refund is allowed for participants who have already paid full fee of 250 PLN.

Open lecture

At 3.00 PM Professor Vadim Utkin gives a short (1-2 hours) lecture, titled:
Sliding Mode Control of Electric Motors

This lecture is open for all participants.
For organisation reason we would like to know how many participants will attend this lecture so please mark your attendance on registration form.