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Conference venue

The choice of the venue

Poznań, Old Market In prevailing opinion of numerous visitors and invited guests the city Poznań is a perfect venue for conferences and congresses. For ages Poznań has been recognised as a destination of meetings for business and trade. Every year more than 2000 conferences and meetings are organised in that city. The city is developing its role as a conference centre thanks to a range of modern high- quality facilities like hotels of all categories, restaurants, cafés, cultural and congress centres. With its 23 universities and schools of higher education and the population of over 120 000 students Poznań has outstanding research and scientific potential on one hand and the academic character on the other. The advantage of Poznań as a conference venue is also its perfect location on the intersection of major European transport routes. The modern airport Lawica, open in 2001, can serve 1,5 million passengers all over the world per year. The airport is only a six kilometres away from the city and provides regular connection to Copenhagen, Vienna, Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich and Warsaw. Poznań is also a junction of the international railroads and provides convenient and regular connections from Berlin, Cologne and Brussels via Warsaw to Moscow and Kiev in the east as well as the north-south rout from Stockholm and Copenhagen via Gdańsk and Szczecin to Prague and Budapest.

Poznań, Philharmonic As the capital of the region and as the first capital of Poland, Poznań, with its over one thousand years of history, is a unique city, not only because of its cultural and business tradition but also thanks to its citizens, who create city's ambient. In June 1956, during Stalin's terror period, Poznań workers demanded "bread and freedom". One hundred thousand employees of largest Poznań plants protested in demonstration. Communist authorities quashed the rebellion bloody. Seventy people died, more than one thousand were injured. After that Poles revolted against the communist regime several more times, in 1968, 1970, 1976 and 1980. Their protests resulted in the launch of "Solidarity" civil movement and the final fall of communism in 1989.

Poznań as the city of Opera, Philharmonic, nine theatres and numerous museums and galleries offers a broad variety of cultural events. The large number of restaurants and cafes situated in the oldest part of the city - the Old Town Square with its impressive Renaissance Town Hall enhance a unique atmosphere of the city.


Poland has a moderate climate with both maritime and continental elements. Septembers in Poland are usually mild and sunny. The average temperatures in Poznań for the first week of September are between 21 C (days) and 11 C (nights). The average precipitation is about 55 mm per month in August and 43 mm per month in September.

Poznań, Technical University of Poznań and surroundings

The selected conference site

Poznań, Congress Center Congress Center of Poznań International Fair (PIF) is located in the center of Poznań, close to railway station (5 minute walk) and the airport (20 minutes by car). The Congress Center consists of 5 buildings with 24 perfectly equipped, air-conditioned conference rooms of various standards, with several arrangement possibilities. For EPE-PEMC'2008 Conference two pavilions 15 and 14A will be used. They offer 1 congress hall with more than 600 seats, 3 halls with 200 seats and several smaller rooms with capacity about 100 seats each. The conference reception will be placed on ground floor in pavilion 15. A Foyer around congress hall, which area is about 3700 m2, is suitable for poster sessions and exposition arrangement. In the same pavilion lunches will be served. The PIF Congress Center was awarded a certificate of the PROFESSIONAL CONGRESS ORGANISER OF BUSSINESS TOURISM IN POLAND issued by Polish Tourism Organisation. Thereby, the Poznań International Fair Congress Center became one of dozen Poland's recommended best congress places, which satisfy the highest global standards.

Virtual tour

Poznań, Congress Center Here you can take virtual tour over conference center.