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Invitation for industry

The 13th international conference "Power Electronics and Motion Control EPE-PEMC'2008" will take place in Poznań on 1 – 3 September 2008. The conference is one of the most important of its kind in Europe. Traditionally, it brings together outstanding professionals in the field of Power Electronics and Motion Control from the leading research centres around the world. We are determined to keep this good tradition alive and we are convinced that the conference in Poznań will create a unique opportunity to renew and strengthen our professional contacts. We also hope that it will highlight the multidisciplinary character of Power Electronics and Motion Control and show its vast scope of applications. We would like to encourage our colleagues, industrial engineers, to participate in the conference because they can provide us with insights into the practical importance of research results and give us inspiration for novel ideas and research concepts. The EPE – PEMC'2006 conference in Portorož in Slovenia brought together about 500 participants from 45 countries. Over 600 professionals from 35 countries participated in the 2004 edition of the conference in Riga.

One of the new activities of the EPE-PEMC conference is promoting industry participation. We would like to address and invite primarily those companies that conduct basic and applied research in cooperation with universities as well as the leading manufactures of power electronics components and systems, renewable energy technologies, mechatronics systems, adjustable speed drives, automation technology (hardware and software solutions), R&D companies specialising in various fields of power electronics applications and end users of this technology.

Passive participation is also welcome. The most attractive conference events for industrial partners will be plenary sessions, round tables, survey papers, application oriented papers and pre-conference tutorials.

We offered industry to participate in the following conference activities:

Brochure Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities can be downloaded here: in English or in Polish.