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Plan of exhibition stands

Stands rental

An exhibition area of 548 m2 located between entrance and main conference room (see plan of exhibition area) gives you opportunity to present yourself. The exhibition is organised together with the dialogue sessions in a shared place within the main hall so that the best possible interaction with the conference participants can be expected. Besides, you can find in conference area some space proper for resting, conversation and business networking also. In the exhibition area a wireless Internet network will be available.

The following stand sizes will be available: 4, 6, 8 square meters.

Stand sizeStand planTotal price
4m2plan PDF500 €
6m2plan PDF750 €
8m2plan PDF1000 €

Plan of exhibition area

Plan of exhibition stands

Free places are marked with GREEN color, while already reserved places are marked with RED color.

What is included

The exhibition stands contains (see plans for 4m2 PDF, 6m2 PDF and 8m2 PDF stands):

What you can order

How you can choose the preferred location of your stand

You can choose a desired location for your stand by looking at the exhibition floor plan and contact for reservation. The reservations will be done according to the principle: "first come, first served" but after the signing an exhibition agreement.