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Vendor sessions

Vendor sessions are the new form of activity, introduced for the first time during the EPE-PEMC'2006, which provide the companies with an opportunity to promote their products. We would like to address and invite primarily those companies that are active in the areas of power electronics components and systems, renewable energy technologies, mechatronics systems, adjustable speed drives, automation technology (hardware and software solutions), R&D companies specialising in various fields of power electronics applications and end users of this technology.

The sessions will provide an opportunity for the attendees to hear about exciting new technology solutions your company is offering. They present a unique and much appreciated venue for raising your company profile and highlighting new developments, products and services of your enterprise in a classroom-style format.

The cost for each presentation during the vendor sessions covers room rental, time-management and basic presentation equipment. A variety of highly attractive presentation rooms with seating capacities from about 60 to 120 persons are available at the Congress Centre. Rooms are equipped with basic presentation facilities (incl. overhead projector, PC with Powerpoint software, projector and microphone). If additional equipment is needed, please contact conference organising committee well in advance. Please note that additional equipment will be charged extra.

Brochure Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities can be downloaded here: in English or in Polish.